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Becky Whitehead



Job Role: Part I Architectural Assistant 


About: Becky completed her BA in Architecture at the University of Manchester in 2019 where she gained a First class degree, and has joined the DLA Architecture team in Manchester as a Part I Architectural Assistant. Becky’s final year project was a proposal for a new community space alongside a masterplan for the neighbourhood of Hulme in Manchester. She has an unusual history of employment, including three years at the Hummingbird Bakery, and volunteering on a community farm in Cambodia.



Other Interests:  

In her spare time she enjoys staying active, through indoor climbing and long distance runs – whenever possible Becky goes hiking in the Lake district or Scotland. She loves to travel, exploring far away cities and dramatic landscapes across the world, and enjoys recording her experiences through drawing and photography.  

Favourite Design / Building:  

In the summer of 2018 Becky travelled in Japan and was overwhelmed by the deep respect for nature and material held by architects there. The work of Kengo Kuma emulates this – in particular his design of the Tourist Information Centre in Asakusa. The angular form is softened by a façade of timber louvres which mimic trees in a forest, resulting in a building that is both pioneering and culturally reflective.