Client : Medical Center Haaglanden


We were invited to facilitate a four day workshop for one of the busiest and best performing Emergency Departments (ED) in the Netherlands. The aim was to
review the current ED
develop a concept design
for the
changing model of care
for emergency patients in the Netherlands, incorporating the new out of hours GP service; whilst maintaining their reputation as one of the leading hospitals in the country.

We used substantial data provided by MCHW, along with our observations during a visit and the information gathered in meetings with key stakeholders, to develop a
simulation model
and a
bespoke interactive
capacity modelling tool, which allowed us to test various physical and operational scenarios. The model allowed us to track the incoming patient volume, ancillary study results, turnaround time, patient waiting time, patient waiting room volume, patient care and interaction, staff and provider utilisation. With the
capacity tool
we tested various high level capacity scenarios to determine the physical design capacity for the new ED. Once the number of clinical spaces required was decided,
information was used to calculate the most efficient room sizes allowing us to develop eight
design concepts
for appraisal by the team.

At the end of the workshop in a presentation to the project board, we documented the design process and how with the use of bespoke interactive tools, the team was able to make an
evidence based
decision on the most appropriate solution for the new department. A diagram defining the recommended planning option for expansion was developed and an
outline design

Services :
Healthcare Planning